Why Steel?


• Steel is a Superior Construction Material

• Highest strength-to-weight-ratio
• 100% recycable
• Non-combustible-does not burn and will not fuel a fire
• Inorganic-will not rot, warp, split, crack or creep
• Dimensionally stable-does not expand or contract with moisture content
• Consistent material quality-produced according to steel manufacturers      



Benefits to the Consumer!


• High strength results in safer structures, less maintenance    and slow ageing of structure
• Fire Safety
• Not vulnerable to termites
• No toxic chemicals are used to treat steel, unlike timber
• Not vulnerable to fungi or organism
• Less chance of foundation problems since its 5 x lighter than wood, resulting in less movement

• Less probability of damage in earthquake or high winds due to lighter structure, stronger connections, riveted and screwed versus nail.











Benefits to the Builder!


Lighter than other framing materials-no lifting equipment needed on site.  One person can carry a 5 metre fabricated panel
Easy material selection-no need to cull or sort
Straight walls and square corners
Call backs due to cracks are eliminated
Windows and doors open as they should
Less scrap and waste (2% for steel versus 20% for wood)

Steel frame benefits:

• Saving on building costs and construction time

• Guaranteed product quality

• Design flexibility from start to finish

• Environmentally friendly

• Recyclable frames

• Reduction on site supervision and labour

• Less building rubble

• Light but strong frames and material

• Rust and corrosion resistant

• Low fire hazard